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Library Type HPC-MW for PC-Clusters「hpcmw-PC-Cluster ver.2.00」Released.

【Version 2.00】In this version, the library of coupling interface is newly available. For existing libraries, several new features were added, and some bugs were fixed.

  • Parallel Visualization Library
    - Parallel Streamline (PST) was newly available.
  • Coupling Interface Library [New Feature]
    - This library provides mesh mapping and interpolation between two programs. According to this library, it becomes possible to perform loose coupling between two programs.

General Purpose Parallel FEA Code Developed on HPC-MW「pSAN-hpcmw ver.2.00」Released.

【Version 2.00】In this version, eigenvalue analysis and heat transfer analysis were added, some examples were added, and some bugs were fixed.


Prototype Version of HPC-MW Mesh Viewer「hpcmw_view ver.0.30」Released.

【Version 0.30】The following feature was added.

- It became possible to display shell element (element type: 731, 741).

Test Tools for HPC-MW「hpcmw-test-tools ver.2.00」Released.

【Version 2.00】In this version, some setup files were updated.


Library Type HPC-MW for PC-Clusters「hpcmw-PC-Cluster ver.1.00」Released.

【Version 1.00】 In this version, the libraries of adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and dynamic load balancing (DLB) are newly available. For the exsiting libraries, including, I/O, linear solvers and parallel visualizer, several new features were added, and some bugs were fixed.

  • I/O and Common Library
    - Output routine for log data was changed so that every process outputs a log file.
    - Interface to the visualizer was changed.
    - File format for distributed mesh was changed.
    - New members were added to the structure for mesh data.
    - !CONNECTIVITY is being newly supported in the HPC-MW entire mesh data.
    - It became possible to specify the name of HPC-MW control file at the initialization routine.
    - !MESH GROUP is being newly supported in the HPC-MW control data.
  • Parallel Linear Solver Library
    - Subroutines "hpcmw_matvec_11", "hpcmw_matvec_22" and "hpcmw_matvec_33" for calculating matrix-vector product were added.
    - Subroutines "hpcmw_allreduce_R" and "hpcmw_allreduce_I" for global communication were modified.
  • Parallel Visualization Library
    - Some 2nd-order element types are now supported.
    - It became possible to create deformation image.
    - Problems underlying multiple element types were fixed.
  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Library[New Feature]
    This library provides parallel adaptive mesh refinement for 1st-order tetrahedral and triangular element.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) Library[New Feature]
    This library creates distributed mesh data which balance the load of every process by repartitioning.

Parallel FEM Code for Elastostatic Analysis「pSAN-hpcmw ver.1.00」Released.

【Version 1.00】This is the 1st release of the parallel finite element code for elastostatic structural analysis 'pSAN-hpcmw' 'pSAN-hpcmw' was released as one of the test tools for HPC-MW Library in the previous release).

This version provides the following features:

- small deformation, large deformation (geometric nonlinearity)
- linear isotropic elasticity
- static analysis
- 2D problems (plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric problem)
- 3D problems
- element type (2D/3D continuum element, low- and high-order element)
- loading conditions (concentrated load, distributed load: surface force, body force, gravity, centrifugal force, temperature load)
- constrained conditions

Prototype Version of HPC-MW Mesh Viewer「hpcmw_view ver.0.20」Released.

【Version 0.20】The following features was added.

- It became possible to display hierarchical data.

Test Tools for HPC-MW「hpcmw-test-tools ver.1.00」Released.

【Version 1.00】This version provides test tools for adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) library and dynamic load balancing (DLB) library. In the version 0.10, "pSAN-hpcmw" parallel finite element program for elastostatic structural analysis was contained in this archive.

However, this program is being released as an application of HPC-MW (pSAN-hpcmw ver.1.00). The name of archive file has been changed from "hpcmw-apps" to "hpcmw-test-tools".


「hpcmw-PC-Cluster ver.0.10」prototype of HPC-MW for PC-ClustersReleased.

【Version 0.10】This is the 1st release of "Library Type HPC Middleware" for PC-Cluster. It is the prototype version and the following are available.

  • HPC-MW Library
    - I/O library
    - parallel linear solver library
    - parallel visualization library
  • Utilities
    - partitioning utility
    - visualization utility
    - mesh data converter from GeoFEM to HPC-MW

「pSAN-hpcmw」parallel FEM code for 3D elastic-static solid mechanicsReleased.

【Version 0.10】This is the 1st release of test tools for HPC-MW. This version provides "pSAN-hpcmw" parallel finite element program for elastostatic structural analysis developed on HPC-MW.


「hpcmw_view」prototype of HPC-MW Mesh ViewerReleased.

【Version 0.10】This is the 1st release of HPC-MW Mesh Viewer. This is the prototype version, and it provides the following features:

- displaying entire/distributed mesh
- rotating, moving and scaling drawing object with mouse
- specifing of drawing method
- displaying distributed mesh with gap between every domains


hpcmw-PC-Cluster ver.2.00new

Library Type HPC-MW for PC-Clusters      Releasenote       Download

pSAN-hpcmw ver.2.00new

General Purpose Parallel FEA Code      Releasenote       Download

hpcmw_view ver.0.30new

Proto-type Version of Mesh Viewer for HPC-MW      Releasenote       Download

hpcmw-test-tools ver.2.00new

Test Tools for HPC-MW      Releasenote      Download


Test Programs for Parallel Iterative Methods on Various Types of Architectures      Download

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