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 IWACOM(International Workshops on Advances in Computational Mechanics)
 (November 3-6, 2004)
Hosei University,Tokyo

Presentation (PDF 723KB)

 SC2004 (November 6-12, 2004)

Exhibition  (FLYERS)

  • Overview of HPC-MW  (PDF 781KB)
  • Linear Equation solvers, Eigen solvers   (PDF 771KB)
  • Parallel Visualization in HPC-MW   (PDF 825KB)
  • pSAN-hpcmw  (PDF 865KB)

  •  SC2003 (November 15-21, 2003)
    Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

    Exhibition  (FLYERS)

  • Overview of HPC-MW  (PDF 877KB)
  • HPC-MW for PC-Clusters  (PDF 1,119KB)
  • pSAN-hpcmw  (PDF 1,128KB)
  • Flat MPI vs. Hybrid: Parallel Iterative Solvers  (PDF 658KB)
  • Parallel Visualization in HPC-MW  (PDF 749KB)
  • MxN Parallel Computational Steering  (PDF 433KB)
  • HPC-MW Partitioning Utility  (PDF 354KB)
  • HPC-MW Mesh Viewer  (PDF 350KB)

  •  4th Workshop on the Doe Advanced Computational Software Collection (August 5-8, 2003)
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.

    Presentation (PDF 5,654KB)

     3rd International Working Group Meeting (June 2-6, 2003)
    Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia

    Presentation (PDF 4,962KB)

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