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Released hpcmw-PC-Cluster ver. 0.10 : prototype of HPC-MW for PC-Clusters, pSAN-hpcMW : parallel FEM code for 3D elastic-static solid mechanics and hpcmw_view : prototype of HPC-MW Mesh Viewer

RIST (Research Organization for Information Science and Technology, Japan) released software and documents developed in "HPC Middleware (HPC-MW)", which is a part of "Frontier Simulation Software for Industrial Science (FSIS)" Project at the Institute of Industrial Sciences, the University of Tokyo, funded by IT-program of MEXT, Japan. They are available at the following URL:

FSIS Software Publication Page

Various types of HPC (High-Performance Computing) environments, including massively parallel computers and PC clusters, have recently become available. Moreover, advancement of "GRID" technology allows us to access a variety of computer resources very easily. However, in order to make the best use of these resources, we need optimization and tuning for individual hardware.

"HPC-Middleware (HPC-MW)" is an infrastructure for developing optimized and reliable simulation codes making efficient use of the finite-element method (FEM). The source code developed on a PC with a single processor is easily optimized for various types of parallel computers including vector/scalar processors, SMP cluster architectures, and PC clusters by plugging-in the source code to the HPC-MW installed on the target computer.

This time, proto-type version of HPC-MW for PC clusters ("hpcmw-PC-cluster") including parallel I/O, parallel linear solvers, parallel visualization modules, proto-type version of Mesh Viewer for HPC-MW ("hpcmw_view") and utilities for mesh partitioning have been released to public. 3D parallel FEM code for elastic static solid mechanics developed on HPC-MW, "pSAN-hpcmw" is also available.

Available set of software is as follows:

hpcmw-PC-ClusterLibrary-Type HPC-MWParallel I/O, Linear Solvers and Parallel Visualizationhpcmw-0.10
hpcmw_partUtilityPartitioner for domain decomposition (RCB, METIS)hpcmw-0.10
hpcmw_viewUtilityViewer for distributed mesh fileshpcmw-view-0.10
hpcmw_visUtilityParallel visualization utility (file version)hpcmw-0.10
pSAN-hpcmwApplicationParallel 2D/3D FEM application for elastic-linear solid mechanics developed on HPC-MWhpcmw-apps-0.10
geofem2hpcUtilityConverter of mesh file (from GeoFEM to HPC-MW format)hpcmw-0.10

Please feel free to contact us at hpcmw-workers@tokyo.rist.or.jp if you have any questions or problems.


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